Welcome back to Web 1.0
when <center> and <blink> ruled the net

My collection of silly 88x31 buttons.
(133 strong and growing...)
If you have a button I don't please let me know.

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Tapu Now!Any BrowserNutscape Now!Micro$oft Internet ExploiterKaboom Now!Piracy Now!Narcotics Now!Anarchy Now!
Schwa nowPet Rape No!AOL Browser No!Frame-Free Now!Subliminal Internet ExploiterWinzip NowHomeSite Now!
Homicide Now!I hate MicrosoftGet PointCast!Get ShockwaveDownload ...Get Acrobat ReaderGeocities
Netscrape Never!DNA Staff 1996Clan TomatoSimon's HideoutNeat WebAOL Members' ChoiceTOS ViolationMade with Love
Get Quake Now!WebDisk NowViewable with Any BrowserContador PáginasEmatek MetaWebAssisted by The HTMLibWebEditHosted by HoloNet
UK Schools DirectoryGIF WizardMade with MacintoshMade with MacintoshSurf PointCinevilleLpage Guestbook
Get Quiklink ExplorerMicrosoft NetMeetingUPS Weather Now!UPS WebCam Now!UPS KZPS-FM Now!UPS ESPNet Now!UPS HardRock Now!Virtual Now!
Microsoft Internet ConquistadorPueblo Now!Newton Now!Headscape WheneverUp Yours Now!Download image of real lynx on a button, with LynxEnhanced by itDownload Lynx Extrem gif, spoof of Netscape Enhanced
Download button with a Lynx and Lynx Now2.6Animated Lynx 2.6 button (FREE in right hand corner) spinning globeDownload Get Lynx 2.5 Now imageActive Ichat Now!Dead Kennedys Now!

Visit Microsoft's Comdex SiteScrew Actura!Thred NOW!Download Lynx 2.5 Now image Radio(Yeah, right...)Frames suck!

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